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Powder Mist Eyeliner®

Based in Worthing, Sussex

A procedure designed and exclusive to Emma Wright®.
A bold eyeliner using a digital machine creating soft but a strong look with pixelated edges for the client who wants a fuller more dense eyeliner look but not a crisp line. Much softer than the old school liners. This procedure was designed by Emma through her experience in the industry.

Treatment Cost:

Consultation FREE

Top Powder Mist Eyeliner £350

Bottom Powder Mist Eyeliner £300

Top & Bottom Powder Mist Eyeliner £395

(Includes ONE touch up procedure 4-12 weeks after initial procedure, a second touch up within 3 months of initial procedure is charged at £50 if requested/required).

Treatment Time: 2.5 Hours Maximum

Patch Test: A patch test is required 48 hours before treatment.

Deposit: A non-refundable £50 deposit is required at time of booking. Please be aware an appointment is not secure until this payment has been received.

Colour Boost: We recommend a 9-12 month colour boost at a cost of 50% of the full treatment cost listed above.

(this includes ONE treatment only, a touch up procedure within 3 months if requested/required is charged at £50)

Powder Mist Eyeliner 4

Powder Mist Eyeliner 3

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Aftercare Service

The best aftercare experience

We believe our services go beyond the day of your treatment. Emma Wright Aesthetic Practitioner will ensure to follow up with all treatments carried out and answer any questions you might have about your treatment for complete peace of mind.

Emma Wright Aesthetic Practitioner